Hiring an interior architect to design and remodel your home can save you lots of time and money. People often think that it is very costly to hire a professional, or that it is not really necessary. However hiring an interior designer for the renovation of your home can be very helpful and is worthwhile to consider. We will give you 5 reasons why you should hire an interior architect.

Voorbeeld van een interieuradvies van HAM design

1. A functional, comfortable and beautiful interior

Isn’t it a is a great feeling after a long workday to arrive in your comfortable and beautifully designed house? If you spend lots of time at home it is very important that your house is a comfortable place to be at. Making use of the space in the best way requires the eye of a professional. When an interior architect designs your home, she will not only take into consideration the aesthetic aspect. Just as important is ensuring the space is functional and comfortable.

2. An interior designer has connections

Interior designers have a network of suppliers and partners that they repeatedly work with. This means they can often get furniture, kitchens, floors and other products at lower prices than you could yourself. So by hiring an interior architect, you will save money on the decoration of your home, while you can be sure the quality of the products is high.

3. An interior designer will save you time

Spending entire weekends in furniture and paint shops? A dream for some, but a nightmare to most people. There are so many options when it comes to choosing colors, fabrics, kitchens and furniture that it can be overwhelming. An interior designer will choose, based on your taste, a limited amount of options that go well together and present these to you. You then choose the option you find most beautiful. This will save you lot’s of time and choice overload!

4. Avoid (costly) mistakes

The work of an interior architect is not over when the designs are done. The next step is to turn this design into technical drawings that are necessary for the remodelling of your home. These drawings are very detailed, minimizing the chances that something will be executed incorrectly by the contractor. Without these technical drawings mistake are easily made, which can result in double work and additional unforeseen costs.

5. Experience less stress during remodelling

Anyone who has experienced a home renovation before knows how stressful this can be. There are many different parties involved that all need to collaborate. This requires preparation and planning. Lots of interior design studios and interior architects can manage the remodelling project for you. An interior architect has years of consistent professional experience when it comes to projects like these, while the average person maybe renovates a few houses in their entire life.

In short, by hiring an interior designer your new home will not only be beautiful, comfortable and functional, you can also save yourself time, stress and money. It could very well be that at the end of the day you are actually off cheaper when hiring a professional!