Our Process

Step 1: Intake

We always start with an intake meeting; no strings attached. If possible we have this intake meeting on the project location. During this meeting we want hear all about you and your project, your wishes and your prefered style. And we share with you how we work and how we could be of help to you. Does this sound interesting? Do not hesitate to book a meeting with us now.

Step 2: Proposal

After the intake meeting we create a proposal for you that matches your needs. This proposal outlines the entire design process, step by step. This process generally consists of three phases: 1. Concept, 2. Design, 3. Realisation. In this proposal we also specify per step how many hours we expect to spend on this, and what the costs would be for the entire project.  The deliverables and details per phase are described below.  

Step 3: Concept

During the concept phase the bigger picture of the interior project takes shape. We take a deep-dive into your mind to learn all about your wishes and requirements. We ask you to provide any images or information on their prefered styles and we combine this with the exisitng information of the project location.
The output of the of the concept phase consists of mood boards, different layout options, concept visuals and estimations of costs (budgeting) and time lines. All these different options are reviewed with you and eventually the final concept emerges. 

Step 4: Design

Based on the concept we start crafting a design. The design contains practically every detail that will be eventually build during the ececution phase and all furniture pieces and accesories that will be purchased. The final design consists of detailed 2D and 3D visual and all technical drawings necessary to execute the construction of the project. The technical drawings include lighting, electricity and plumbing plans, and the exact floorplan layout. During the design phase we also finzalize the materialization choices, which means all materials that will be used are specified.

Step 5: Realisation

With the final designs available the execution of the project can start. A dedicated project manager will supervise the day to day progress at the building site. This way we ensure that the construction is done exactly according to the designs and technical plans, and that the scheduled deadlines are met. The project manager also manages all incoming deliveries of furnitures and accesories.