Our Services

Renovating your home, restaurant or office might seem like a daunting task. On this page you can read how we can be of help to you in this process.
Depending on your needs we can support you during specific steps of the process, or deliver your interior project from start to finish. You can for example hire us to give advice regarding an existing interior and than arrange the actual construction yourself.

Below you will find a complete oveview of the different services that we offer. Would you rather speak to us directly and discuss your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us.

The Full Package

We deliver your interior project from start to finish. From the design to the actual renovation of the space. We involve you as much as you want in the big decisions while taking care of everything else, saving you time and stress. Would you like to know exactly how we go about this? Take a look at our process.

Price indication: 
Upon request

The Full Package

Interior Advice

We meet you on location, this can be a residence, restaurant or other business location. We will then share ideas with you on the spot on to use use the space. If there is an existing interior, we can give advice on how to optimise this. The costs involved are limited to the duration of the meeting on location only. 

As a possible add on we can create mood boards and floor plans for you which are shared after the meeting.

Price indication:
60 Euro per hour (first hour free of charge).

Example of an interior advice by HAM design

Interior Layouts / Floor plans

Based on your design wishes we create a detailed floor plan that contains the exact layout of the room. Including measurements and furniture positioning. When creating the floor plan and layout we of course take into account how to make use of the space in the best way.  

Price indication:
100 Euro per room.

Example of an interior floor plan by HAM design


When an interior floor plan is available, we can create a realistic 3D image based on this. These visualisations can give you a very good idea of what a design will look like in reality. This way it becomes much easier for our cient to choose between the different design options that are available.

Price indication: 
240 Euro per visualisation.

Example of a 3D visualisation by HAM design


We can create all technical drawings necessary to start the construction of your interior design. The type of technical drawings we deliver are: electricity & data plans, plumbing plans & lighting plans. We create the technical plans according to the construction industry standards so any contractor will be able to work with these drawings.

Price indication:
600 Euro per residence of 80m2 (including taking measurements on location).

Example of a technical drawing by HAM design


A mood board is a collection of images and illustrations that together convey the style of a design. Imagine colours and material choices that you find beautiful, but also furniture pieces in the style that you like. A mood board is a great way to share the style of the design with you as a client, so you can make choices between different options based on these moodboards. We often create multiple moodboards per room / area.

Price indication: 
60 Euro per mood board.

Example of a mood board created by HAM design


Based on a defined style we propose the materials and colors to be used for every detail of a room. This includes materials to be used for the floors, walls & ceiling, woodwork like windows and doors and frames.

Price indication: 120 Euro per room.

Example of materialisation by HAM design


These are the finishing touches. Decoration and styling includes choosing all furniture, lighting and accessories (e.g. plants & art). We can deliver an interior design item specification list which contains an image, brand, price and supplier per item. Based on this list you can do your own shopping. It is also possible for us to completely manage the purchasing, delivery and assembly of the products.

Price indication: 
250 Euro per room.
Including purchasing: 10% surcharge on item price.
Assembly: depending on items.

Example of decoration & styling


Custom furniture makes an interior unique. It also allows you to maximize the usage of the available space.
The designs we create for custom furniture include technical drawings, material and color choices. Since the designs are comprehensive you will be able to contract your own carpenter to deliver the work. Of course we can also arrange one of our partners to build the furniture for you.

Price indication: 
Depending on the level of complexity of the furniture piece, the price ranges from 200 tot 600 Euro (excluding production).

Example of a custom walk in closet by HAM design


We have a close partnership with Iznik, a producer of authentic handmade quartz tiles. All their tiles are produced by artisans in their workshops in a town called Iznik in Turkey. What makes these tiles unique is the meticulous way in which the tiles are produced. Every decoration is hand painted on the tiles, which allows us to create a completely custom design for you.
The robustness of the tiles make them suitable as floor tiles, wall tiles and for heavy duty purposes. This means the tiles are very suitable to be used in shops, kitchen or outdoors.

Price indication: 
Design: Ranges from 180 to 600 Euro.
Production: Upon request after design is finalized.

Custom designed authentic tiles by HAM design

Renovation project management

We are able to provide a dedicated project manager who is in charge of the renovation of your business or home. This project manager supervises the day to day progress at the building site, and ensures that:

  • The construction is done exactly according to the design and technical plans

  • Quality standards are met

  • Scheduled deadlines are met

  • All incoming deliveries of furniture and accessories is taken care off

  • You are kept up to date about the progress.

Price indication:
Based on a 4 week renovation project of an 80 square meter apartment; 2000 Euro.

Renovation project management


For commercial projects like restaurants or shops we are able to develop concepts as well, which are in line with the interior design. A concept can consist of your brand identity, including graphics like logos and a house style. We can create a concept from scratch or build on your existing identity / concept.

Price indication:
Upon request.

Concept Development

For commercial projects like restaurants or shops we are able to develop concepts as well, which are in line with the interior design. A concept can consist of your brand identity, including graphics like logos and a house style. We can create a concept from scratch or build on your existing identity / concept.

Price indication:
Upon request.

Example of a concept designed by HAM design