Mimooza Cafe

MimooZa is a small cafe located at the heart of medical center Zaans Kleurrijk in Zaandam. The inspiration for the design of this project comes from the mimosa flower. Therefore we used yellow colors to represent the mimooza flower and blue colors to represent nature. Besides theses colors lot of wood and brass materials were used.

The cafe consists of an open kitchen, which creates a transparent and open atmosphere. The counter spans across the entire width of the cafe and we wanted to give the counter a special touch. Therefore we chose to use custom Iznik tiles with a mimosa flower drawn on the tiles. The design was drawn by HAM design which was then hand drawn on the tiles by Iznik in Turkey.

Next to the entrance of the cafe a lounge area was created, using vintage furniture. A subtle detail are the Iznik tiles on the custom made table, which are the same blue tiles used for the cafe counter. Around the length of the windows a long bar is placed, these seats have lots of light coming in which makes it comfortable for reading.

Project type / Retail interior
Project role / Design
Project date / 2017

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Café MimooZa • Zaandam
MimooZa café interieur foto - 3
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Concept & Visuals

MimooZa café mood board

Mood boarD

MimooZa café interieur 3D visualisatie

3d visual

MimooZa café plattegrond

foor plan