Custom IKEA kitchen

A client approached us with the request to design a kitchen with a striking and luxurious appearance, for an affordable price. In order to achieve this we decided to customize an IKEA kitchen.

The base of the kitchen contains IKEA cabinets and appliances, the cabinet doors are custom made of real wood, with a black wood layer as finishing. The kitchen countertop is made of unicolored black hi-max corian. All kitchen appliances, the sink, tap and the aluminum backsplash are black as well. The kitchen island is made of the same materials.

Project type / Custom furniture
Project role / Design & Execution
Project date / 2017

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Zijaanzicht foto van custom IKEA hack keuken
Custom made kitchen
Front view photo of custom IKEA hack kitchen

Concept & Visuals

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Technical drawing of custom IKEA hack kitchen

Technical drawing