Lofting is a short and long stay hotel concept, focused on business nomads. Lofting offers all facilities a travelling professional needs in one building; from bike rental to a gym, from restaurant to workspaces. Lofting offers more than just a place to stay, it is a community consisting of like minded people. This way expats can feel at home easily, and quickly familiarize themselves with their new city.

Lofting offers living units in three different sizes for short stays of a few days or weeks, or long stays of a year or more. The units are designed with a focus on maximizing the usage of the available space. Therefore each unit consists of two floors where the first floor offers everything needed for daily living, while the top floor with a low ceiling contains only the bedroom.

The Lofts are designed in a minimalistic way, using neutral colors. This way the Lofts design can appeal to a wide range of people with different tastes in design.

Project type / Hotel interior & Graphic design
Project role / Design
Project date / 2015

Concept & Visuals

Lofting 3D visual - 3
Lofting 3D visual - 1
Lofting unit zoning image
Floor plan of the Lofting small sized unit
Floor plan of the Lofting medium sized unit
Floor plan of the Lofting large sized unit
Side view image of the Lofting large sized unit
Lofting concept mood board - 2

Mood boarD

Lofting concept mood board - 1

Mood board

Lofting concept mood board - 3

Mood board

Lofting concept mood board - 4

Mood board

Lofting concept logo image - 2
Lofting concept logo image - 1